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The most pragmatic ebook about advanced TypeScript

Hi, I'm Miłosz

I'm a Frontend Engineering Manager working at a SaaS company with 4+ years of experience with TypeScript. I run a programming blog about TypeScript, speak at conferences, teach and mentor other developers. This book deals with a selection of advanced TypeScript topics which I believe to bring you the most benefit in daily life.

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Are you using TypeScript, but feel like you’re not making the most out of itDo you find some advanced TypeScript concepts confusingDo you get lost looking at complex type errors? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this book is for you!

There is plenty of free advanced TypeScript content in the internet. However, most of the articles and tutorials dive deep into hard, technical concepts without explaining why they’re useful.

This book is different. It focuses on being pragmatic. It only introduces hard concepts when there is a lot of value for you in learning them. I selected the topics based on my experiences and asks from the readers of my blog and compiled them in a short but meaty e-book.

Strict types

Let the compiler find more bugs in your code.


Finally properly understand what they are for and how to create your own.


Use types to model the domain and encode business rules.

Advanced types

Learn about the most useful advanced type concepts such as mapped types or nominal types.

Compile errors

Become fluent at reading and understanding TypeScript errors.


See practical application of TypeScript with React view library.

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